About Us

Who we are

Career Transition Center assists unemployed and underemployed in Northeast Ohio. Our mission is to support and empower individuals during job search, transition and career change. We use integrity and honesty to assist job seekers in finding appropriate positions in the local business market by helping them gain confidence and realize their actual value in the local market. We are passionate about giving job seekers tools and encouragement they need to develop and implement a plan to reach their next step, something not available just from job clubs or One Stop Centers.

Who we serve

Our programs are available to all job seekers. However, we focus on serving long-term unemployed mature worker (between 40 and 70), especially those with significant experience that puts them into the “vanishing middle class” as employers shun them as too expensive, too old or too (fill in the blank). This group remains out of work longest and is becoming the new poor. They need to learn current job search skills and new technology to be considered for the jobs of today.

Our impact and successes

We have worked with over 1600 clients in five years, conducting classes at four independent libraries and facilitating job clubs on both sides of town and now a Lunch n Learn Speaker series.

In addition, we offer:

  • Career coaching
  • Resume and Letter writing assistance
  • LinkedIn profile development
  • Practice interviews

We have hundreds of success stories and positive outcomes, including over 50% who have reported gaining meaningful employment. We expect the number of success stories to continue to increase since we call our clients to reengage those who may still be looking for work and to record those who have made a change.

The response from the community has been off the charts.

We now have clients from several surrounding counties attending our program. Testimonial letters we’ve received indicated that self-esteem and confidence have increased and that lessons learned in classes and from the coaches have led to success in securing new jobs.